Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Good Is A Cornsnakes Vision Corn Snakes.? Please HElp.?

Corn snakes.? Please HElp.? - how good is a cornsnakes vision

Okay. I really want a corn snake. In the 13 and must find a way to really convince my parents like to buy one. My parents are both afraid of them, but I'm sure Theyd learned to be happy about. My teacher is about 5 corn snake we have in the class. So we know how to take care of them. Also I live in GA and is illegal to buy in Georgia. My teacher in South Carolina. Do you know a good place to buy? The One I Love is Flip and hes so sweet. Hes sorta yellow-orange spots. Any idea what is it? Thank you!


Herp-Dud... said...

Maintain First, "a snake in her class does not qualify sometimes. Are you'm ready to commit to caring for these animals until the age of 30 years or more? (I 34 and I bought a snake when I 11 years old)
Secondly, I have all the roads are not illegal, studied in Georgia. Maybe your parents are told to dissuade him from receiving them?
If you are serious research. Find out everything you need to care for them. Then, sit with their parents and talk about it. If you use all the information and the knowledge of their parents are armed, can be rather loose for one.

Taylor F said...

20Utopia% ... What is it?

Http: / / ... 20Utopia% on foot to the floor, there are many things to sell here.

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