Monday, February 1, 2010

How To Get Phlegm Out Of A Baby My Baby Is Two And A Half Months Old And Is Having A Lot Of Phlegm. Is It Normal? Is There A Cure For It?

My baby is two and a half months old and is having a lot of phlegm. Is it normal? Is there a cure for it? - how to get phlegm out of a baby

My baby has mucus and a half months. We use a humidifier at night. Is it normal for babies Phlegn.


chuckyou... said...

Warrants a call to the Dominican Republic. If they are cold symptoms (like fever), then an allergy to something could be, but it is not as likely as older children.

The difficulty in feeding (APIR fluid or milk is) through the nose pointed out that could be related.

This disease can also cause this problem and is relatively common. Consult reflux symptoms of GERD by others.

At least my children were sick, not my last year and phlegmmy EXCEPT slime other medical problems, he had told. (do not worry, the mucus is not harmful to them or their cause, a symptom of something else happened, and that's not what we Clued).

newbie said...

For me .. Doctor simply keep Coz this time we can give them any drugs because they are still young.

it's not really normal for babies mucus, but it's really bad then u may need to take your child to the doctor and go from there.


Momma and wifey said...

You need for Baby to the Dominican Republic or ER .... RSV has been for some babies who have died ... If anything, do it for the security that your child has a cold .... could be much worse than you think.

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