Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vegeta Y Bulma Comic Doesn't Goku And Vegeta's Rivalry In DBZ/GT Remind Y'all Of Yusuke And Kuwabara's Rivalry In YYH

Doesn't Goku and Vegeta's rivalry in DBZ/GT remind y'all of Yusuke and Kuwabara's rivalry in YYH - vegeta y bulma comic

Despite these first two rows are from the theme of the series is different from the same fighter, is not it?


(愛♥Love) said...

Yes, at first were enemies, and in this latest episode Frenz, Goku and Vegeta, but not close enough .... Yuusuke and Kuwabara and Yuusuke and Kuwabara's better Frenz, while Vegeta and Goku juz Frenz ...

Saiyan_P... said...

It's the same I GUESS differnce


LOLUMAD... said...

I think he just wanted wanted to outdo Kuwabara respect Goku Vegeta. But what I sayin

Anurag M said...

HEY why this matter came to the first thought?

The Wild Geese said...

do not forget, Naruto and Sasuke

Rain said...

Well, I dident Kuwabara .... Urameshi wanted to kill .... But simillar

MIDI said...

That's right. But they are very different in my opinion.

The / Vegeta Goku Vegeta picture shows rivalry King (widow) nor hindered by the presence of Goku and once even tried to kill him. When Vegeta became a friend a little boring.

For Yusuke / Kuwabara rivalry, however, was very short. First, their rivalry is intense. Yusuke is still unknown, however. But then they became friends became best friends. They risked their lives to save others.
Kuwabara's fight for his life Taguro Yusuke Yusuke Kuwabara risked, risking his life was when he abducted by Sensui.

I must disagree with additional data. It is true that Goku and Vegeta, the two main combatants are the DBZ. But in both combatants and Yusuke YYH Hiei (not Kuwabara).

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