Friday, February 5, 2010

Tessa @ Shinydolls Do Anybody Know Where Are Janea Tessa Philidor And Her Mother Juanita Jonson?

Do anybody know where are Janea tessa philidor and her mother juanita jonson? - tessa @ shinydolls

Janea Philidor Tessa is my daughter, 14 November 1993 was born to Juanita Johnson, the mother of my daughter and I am glad them.If anyone has seen or know to tell them to me at this number: 519 945 7898

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Geneviev... said...

Her daughter is a minor, there is no way we can find help. But if you have enough of their mother, especially when you see a Social Security number, she can write her a letter and send it to the management of social security. He was sent up to his last known address and let them know that you are looking for. ...

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